Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dog versus bee...

I am a big fan of edible favors. Mostly because you know someone will almost always eat them, whereas other favors tend to get thrown away. (Yes, sorry friends, I probably won't keep that wedding mug you hand out at your wedding. Nothing against you, I just like my mugs to match...). So my original plan for the Baby Bee favors was cut-out beehive and bee cookies. Actually, it was not just a plan-- I fully implemented it and I had 20 that looked just like this:
 I have large craft table in my garage and I have a habit of piling all of my projects on it, so when I finished packaging them, I put them neatly in a bag and set that bag on top of my table.

When I did that, however, I forgot that (1) we put the dog in the garage when we are gone and (2) the dog loves cookies. She is a really good dog and has never really chewed on anything but her dog toys, so it didn't even cross my mind that the bee cookies might drive her crazy. But they did... and she attacked:
And when I came home my garage looked like this:
The dog had eaten 15 beehives, who knows how many bees. She was on a major sugar high (kind of funny) but otherwise unharmed, and not sick in the least. She even licked up crumbs as I cleaned up, and she never licks crumbs.

After I cleaned up her mess, I had to think of a plan b for the favors. I had a lot of bees but not enough hives, so I repackaged them in smaller bags with smaller tags and just one bee cookie. Fortunately they still turned out cute:

But now you know what happens when Dog takes on Bee... if it is a cookie, the bee has no chance!

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