Friday, May 13, 2011

Wedding invitations...

My friend Heather is getting married in a little less than a month and she gave me special permission to post these wedding invitations, which we dreamed up back in February when I took a whirlwind weekend east coast wedding prep trip to see her. I had told her before she got engaged that I would do wedding calligraphy for her, and we not only did the envelopes but also managed to work it into a few other places.
Her colors are orange and navy, so all the ink was navy and we found the cute striped ribbon to wrap around the envelope.  I wrote the names on two inch stickers from paper source to hold the inner envelopes closed. I sent her scanned copies of their names in calligraphy, and a few other key words and she worked them into the invitation:

And finally, my favorite part-- she wanted to include her dog (for whom she happened to find an orange striped bow tie!) Check out these stamps!
I can't wait for this wedding!

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  1. Couldn't have done it without you....and Merit and Kate! I know I am biased, but I think they are so pretty! Thanks for flying out to see me and helping me pull the invites together. I love them.