Sunday, October 24, 2010

Business cards!

It rained here all weekend... not good.  It gives me headaches and my dog gets moody (seriously- she really hates rain).  But it was kind of cozy and it gave me a chance to start a few projects I had been meaning to get around to.  I had been thinking it would be nice to have some business cards.  Since I don't really have a need for them yet, I decided to keep it simple and try printing my own.  Paper Source, my favorite paper store, carries paper in every size and color, including business card size, so I bought a pack in blue.
Then I got out my calligraphy supplies and played around with different logo ideas.  I played around with incorporating little flowers into it, but my taste is pretty basic and flowers seemed a little busy.
So I settled on one of the logos I had written, scanned it in to the computer, played around and figured out how to turn it brown (I liked the combination of blue and dark brown), and typed in the rest of the information.  I decided to go simple- logo on one side, name and contact information on the other.  I have a great Canon printer that seems to print any size paper I put in, so it was really easy and now I have 25 business cards.  I'm not sure yet when I will use them, but it's not a bad start!  

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Brown and blue is such a classic combination.

    P.S. Rain makes Cubby grumpy too...must be something about spoiled dogs and the rain!