Friday, October 8, 2010

First blog...

I inherited pretty nice talents from each of my parents-- analytical abilities from my dad that I use in my day job and a lot of creativity from my mom.  She has had her own floral and wedding planning business since I was a little kid.  She always called herself the flower lady, and along the way I helped her and picked up a few things-- not just how to make a corsage, but how to do things like calligraphy, set a fancy table, make a bed with the sheets just so, tie a great bow, and brainstorm other creative projects.

I have been able to put the creative talents to use every now and then, and increasingly frequently lately, doing little calligraphy and design projects for friends getting married, having babies, starting their own businesses.  It is a fun stress release for me after work and on the weekends, so I have decided to follow in my mom's footsteps and start a little business.  "The Flower Lady's Daughter" seemed like an obvious name.  This site is for my projects and other creative ideas.
The flower lady and her daughter

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