Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love donuts...

It's true... they are so good!  Maple bars especially.  We even gave donuts as favors at our wedding.  I have found two fun doughnut-related things lately.  The first is the Smartplanet Mini Donut Maker:

Smart Planet MDM-1 Mini Donut Maker
Now, I really don't need this and I don't want another kitchen appliance, and donuts are so cheap I'm not sure why you would go to all the work to make them, but this is only $25, gets four stars on Amazon, and seems like it would be fun once or twice.

One of the other reasons I do not want Item #1 is because I found this shop called Dough a Deer that makes the cutest mini doughnuts in all flavors and colors and ships them to you.  I am crazy about it-- just look at this orange doughnut from them.  I want an excuse to order donuts!

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